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Spring: High School Expectations

Session 1: Expectations, Class Options, Graduation Requirements, and Assessments

  • Understand expectations of incoming 9th grade high school students and how you can support your student
  • Gain knowledge of the High School graduation requirements and how to read a high school transcript
  • Understand the difference between High School credits and A-G requirements
  • Understand high school assessments, class options and advancement placement classes

Session 2: Student Involvement, Discipline, Attendance, and Resources

  • Learn about Campus Culture and how it impacts student success
  • Understand the importance of daily attendance and time management
  • Be knowledgeable on resources available to support your student
  • Be Knowledgeable on district protocols and procedures on student discipline
  •  Learn about high school challenges

Fall: High School Readiness

Session 1: High School Environment and Preparation

Learn of the structural changes in high school and how to best support your student adjusting to these changes. You will also gain knowledge of the expectations of incoming 9th grade high school students and the new responsibilities they are to learn as a high school student. You will be provided key technology tools, understand the customized student report to help your student.

Session 2: High School Class Options & Graduation Requirements

Learn about class options available for students at the high school level. Gain awareness of alternative class options for their student to earn their high school diploma as they work toward completing graduation and A-G requirements. You will also learn about CART, eLearn Academy, and other options after high school.

Session 3: Student Involvement, Social & Emotional Concerns, and Discipline

Gain knowledge of the district’s Goal 2 and an understanding of the various opportunities for students to get involved. Gain additional knowledge on high school athletics.  Review of behavior changes, social and emotional changes, and challenges of high school and an explanation of student discipline and process. Learn about AB2246 law, depression and suicide, and vaping.

Session 4: Attendance, Assessment, and Challenges in High School

Understand the importance of attendance and how it affects a student’s high school privileges. Learn about the various types of assessments their student can expect to take throughout their high school years. Learn about advancement placement, Khan Academy, and how to help prepare students for academic success.

Session 5: Dangers of Vaping Presentation Virtually with County Health Officials

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