Shared District’s Family Goal

In 2020, Superintendent Dr. Robert G. Nelson led the new implementation of the district’s board-adopted strategic plan, including a new family goal. Parent University is leading in broadening the district’s Family Goal to, “Increase inclusive opportunities for families to engage in their students’ education.” The priority objective is to, “Increase families’ sense of connectedness,” and the key result is to, “Increase family participation in engagement opportunities.”

Our Mission

Our mission to, “Empower, Engage, and Connect Families to Support Student Achievement” is derived from our district’s commitment to a sustainable partnership in student academic success.  Parent University aims to strengthen and sustain meaningful family engagement at each school system level that aligns with the Board-approved Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals. 

Our Key Family Elements

The Parent University team implemented new initiatives for families, caregivers, and community members to model curiosity and leadership for young people in their lives. These include new key family elements: 

  • Family Learning: Family Engagement Hour
  • Family Leadership: Family Leadership Academies
  • Family Engagement: Family Goal District-Wide and Regional Events
  • Family Community Partnerships: Community Learning and Resources
  • Family Data: Improving Student Outcomes

Our Strategies

Parent University’s newly established shared vision strategies support the district’s family goal. The strategies are:

  • Strategy 1: Design, develop, and implement family learning to better support school sites.
  • Strategy 2: Increase family participation in leadership, advocacy, civic engagement, and decision-making through family leadership.
  • Strategy 3: Develop and implement family engagement activities that align with the district’s family goal and priority objective key result.
  • Strategy 4: Improve family engagement data collections and evaluation systems.
  • Strategy 5: Establish, develop, and build a positive relationship with educational partners (diverse families, students, school sites, district departments, community partnerships, others).
  • Strategy 6: Identify families of targeted student groups and develop new recruitment plans.

2022/23 Executive Report

Please click to access Parent University’s 2022/23 Executive Report

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