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Family Engagement Hour

Parent University expanded on providing professional development to support home school liaisons (HSL), teachers, and staff to build strong home-school-community partnerships with families by implementing a monthly family engagement hour at the school sites. In collaboration with district leaders and families’ input, Parent University has collaborated with various departments to create five new family learning curriculums for the fall of 2023 on relevant topics to support student achievement. We will add five more in the spring of 2024.

Spring 2024 Topics/Intended Outcomes:

  • Attendance is a Key to Success: Bring awareness to families about the benefits and importance of daily attendance and the impact it has in their future!
  • Homework Strategies and Resources: Families will become familiar with the different resources available at school to support students with homework assignments and community resources available.
  • Awareness of Fentanyl: Bring awareness to families about the dangers of fentanyl and how to protect children from the negative effects that fentanyl can have on a young person’s development.
  • Career Pathways: Families will receive information on the career pathways available to them in FUSD and the pathway to Fresno City College after high school.
  • Social Emotional Strategies and Support: Provide families strategies and resources they can be implement at home to support the students’ social emotional needs.

Fall 2023 Topics/Intended Outcomes:

  • Awareness of Vaping: Bring awareness to families about the dangers of vaping and how to protect children from the negative effects that vaping can have on a young person’s development.
  • Bulldog Bound! Guaranteed Admissions: Families will learn about Fresno State’s guaranteed admission program. Students who meet the minimum California State University requirements are guaranteed a spot after graduation and learn the pre-existing resources before graduation. Families receiving the information on Bulldog Bound as early as 6 grade will help families prepare and support their students to stay on target and meet the requirements.
  • LCAP 101!: Families will be provided with an opportunity to learn about the district’s plan to support student achievement and how to be engaged in the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) development on giving feedback through the Thought Exchange survey platform for future investments.
  • Parent Square Tips for Families: Families can sign up and learn more about the new Fresno Unified ParentSquare communication tool. Families can utilize the platform to interact with teachers, their student’s school, and the district.
  • Reading Strategies: Families will learn reading strategies they can use at home to support students reading at grade level by first grade and how to support those reading below grade level.

Parent University is committed to continuing to develop HSL and school site staff toward the shared family goal by equipping them with the tools and resources needed to implement monthly Family Engagement Hours districtwide. In addition to the monthly training, Parent University’s Family Learning team will continue providing HSL one-on-one support on facilitation skills, recruitment strategies, and co-facilitating as needed.   

Parent University’s Family Engagement Hour Fall 2023 Schedule

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Family Engagement Hour

Location: Parent University, 850 N. Blackstone Avenue, Fresno, CA. 93701




For questions, please contact:

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