If you are interested in participating in any of the parent learning workshops, please use the link below to sign-up.

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Session 1: Senior Year and Learning About Life Skills

Gain knowledge about what to expect Senior year, expenses, and the requirements students need to fulfill in order to graduate. Parents will be presented with important information on life skills, credit recovery, vaping, and how to connect with the school sites.

Session 2: Navigating the College Admission Process

Learn about the various opportunities’ students have upon completing their high school education. Parents will learn about the college admission process for each type of institution and the requirements students need to complete in order to apply.

Session 3: Financial Aid, Scholarships & Managing College Expenses

You will be introduced to the financial aid process to assist with paying for a college education. Deadlines for applications. Federal student aid loans, private loans and scholarships. Federal student aid loans, private loans and scholarships

Session 4: Career Technical Education and Developing Job Skills

Explore what Career Technical Education (CTE) opportunities, career exploration websites, workforce connection and military options exist for students.

Session 5: Virtual College Tour and Q&A

Virtual event

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