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If you are interested in participating in any of the parent learning workshops, please use the link below to sign-up.

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If you would like parent booklet(s) and materials for any of our Parent Learning Sessions, please call (559) 457-3390 to arrange a pick-up time.

Parent University Parent Learning Workshops


How to use Atlas and Microsoft Teams For Parents
Positive Parent Discipline
Basic Computer Literacy

Elementary School Readiness

Workshop 1: District Profile/The Learning Environment & Elementary Preparation
Session 2: Measuring School and Student Progress
Session 3: Campus Culture – Attendance – Social Emotional Learning
Session 4: School Choice – Atlas – Edutext – Peachjar
Session 5: iReady Team Q&A Presentation

Middle School Readiness

Session 1: Introduction and Middle School Preparation
Session 2: Middle School Resources, A-G, and Technology
Session 3: Middle Schools, School Choice, and Attendance
Session 4: Developmental Changes of the Middle School Student
Session 5: Dangers of Vaping Presentation Virtually with County Health Officials

High School Readiness

Session 1: High School Environment and Preparation
Session 2: High School Class Options & Graduation Requirements
Session 3: Student Involvement, Social & Emotional Concerns, and Discipline
Session 4: Attendance, Assessment, and Challenges in High School
Session 5: Dangers of Vaping Presentation Virtually with County Health Officials

College and Career Readiness

Session 1: Senior Year and Learning About Life Skills
Session 2: Navigating the College Admission Process
Session 3: Financial Aid, Scholarships & Managing College Expenses
Session 4: Career Technical Education and Developing Job Skills
Session 5: Virtual College Tour and Q&A

Special Education (SPED)

Session 1: District Profile and SPED Overview
Session 2: Participating in My Child’s IEPocess
Session 3: Student Success
Session 4: Q&A with SPED Staff
Session 5: Virtual Q&A with Adult Transition Program Staff


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